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World's Twelve Worst Books

by Peter Danstrup

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Expel that pain, be brave again let’s hear that laughter reject that strain be strong, get tough you’ve had enough expel that pain show them you’re back again Just don’t be weak you’re past the peak it’s over soon you’ll be jumping over the moon. let sissies cry may cowards die be sore, let rip ev’ry flagellant loves the whip Expel that pain, it’s time again you have the guts so, what the fuss? expel that pain and smile just Let it all out it’s time to be tough Let it all out it’s time to be bold Let it all out it’s time to grow up
Was Jesus a Sun Myth? Now I think about it, well, he might be the Son of God God is in the Sun, so, Jesus could be a fantasy oh, my imagination: Sun, heat, sand, ancient Egypt, Holy Land it might well be true, I’ve read a book give it a thought don’t sell it short I can see Jesus stepped down to the Earth in a golden cart powered by solar energy! And on the back seat: Mary settled in all her glory well, do you find it scary? Rays of Divine light oh, my God He is a Sun myth I think it’s true! What about you? Out of the blue my point of view Jesus Sun Myth
Let us all chortle now, let us laugh, let’s all giggle to day All the fools won’t notice we will be smirking again Or is it time for convulsions? Laughing is all that we do Doctors will say it is healthy so, let’s chortle, yes chortle along Say, what is wrong with some mockery? if it’s executed properly, thoroughly I could tell a dirty joke about the sailor and the nun smutty jokes are always favoured if you wanna have some fun Am I near the knuckle now? Serious, humorless? I go for ear-to-ear, vibrancy, laughter, so: Let us all chortle now, Let us laugh, let’s all giggle to-day All the fools won’t notice we will be joking again Or is it time for sarcasm? oh, what some irony can do... so, sneering and jeering, barbing don’t be such a chicken, we are on a mission here: Laughing out loud is a Human Right Mind that you’re not laughing at me, so yes, it’s time to chortle all day
Oh, my darling I’m all alone after a long day packed up with blood, cries, and tears of joy was thinking of you all the time your tender lips, sweeter than wine You know how to make me happy when you touch me I just wanna scream when I recall last night with you and we made love did I leave you wanting more? My pen is trembling as I write these words I want you to know I am devoted to you and my body is ready oh, my love I’m all by myself tonight And in my dreams you’re with me forever you’re there for me me for you for good Some day and I know it will happen my fantasy my only joy
Who’s who in space? who’s in the race, to dominate the planets? what’s up and down, who gets around the stars and moons around us? Americans and Soviets? those were the days! It’s China now, and India, Japan is there and South Korea and don’t forget the UAP’s from outer space we’ve seen them there and flying saucers ev’rywhere! The Universe has no reverse it’s all we can envision It’s hard enough to realize Who can conceive its full extent? and what is on the other side? Nobody knows who’s who in space. Copernicus he put the Sun in center of it all and ancient gods gave name to all the planets with their orbits And soon enough will Elon Musk be out there too Nobody knows who’s who in space, nobody knows who’ll win the race Nobody knows who’s who in space.
Songs that reached our heart like we were struck by Cupid’s arrow. Hear, sweet sounds of love, exotic melodies ringing in our ears and our minds Songs that stayed with- in and brought back sweet memories... Sounds that changed our lives and made us blind and open Songs we heard when we grew up, we’d never heard enough, that changed us all forever Songs that reached our hearts and never left us. Songs that made us cry, or made us high, so we could fly chords so wisely scored you’d never known of Moods and textures, tunes and measures mesmerized us Songs, so easy, songs, so cheesy songs that touched our hearts for ever


100 years ago, the Irish novelist James Joyce published one of the
most controversial books of the century, Ulysses. Now, bass player
and composer Peter Danstrup releases an LP with titles picked from a passage in chapter 15 ‘... cheap reprints of The World’s Twelve Worst Books’. Played by 19 musicians, the 12 tracks expand with broad-spec- trum variety, spiced up with intimacy, sarcasm and freakish humor. Genres meet and incite the fantasy in a way that has become a trade mark from this diligent composer who now releases his 3rd album in a series of peerless records. Last year he launched Nowherelands and Absolute Danstrup and this trilogy shows Danstrup as one of the most interesting and conspicuous talents on the music scene.

Peter Danstrup (b. 1954) has been a part of the Danish music scene since the early 1970’ies as a bass player, composer and director of a music conservatory. Mostly known as an exponent of improvised jazz he has, however, also played rock and fusion. You could hear him with John Tchicai, Link Wray, Svend Asmussen, Mikkel Nordso/ and Pierre Do/rge as well as his own projects: Reptiles, Klökkeblömst and Sacrified. In 2012 he was awarded 2 Danish Music Awards: composer of the year and record of the year


released December 16, 2022

Music and lyrics by Peter Danstrup
All songs published by ILK Publishing
Supported by Koda’s Cultural Funds
Executive producer Peter Danstrup

Original artwork by Nina Sten-Knudsen
Cover design by Mike Højgaard/

A very special thanks to Anne-Gro for loving support and Henrï Gibbs for thoroughly keeping a check of the lyrics

Recorded at ‘The Village’ May 2022 by Thomas Vang
Mixed at ‘The Village’ August 2022 by Thomas Vang
Mastered by David Elberling October 2022

Inspired by the 1922 novel Ulysses by James Joyce


all rights reserved



Peter Danstrup Copenhagen, Denmark

Peter Danstrup is a bass player, composer and bandleader. Started playing in the 1970’s with John Tchicai and Strange Brothers and has been a part of the music scene in Copenhagen ever since. In 2012 he received two Danish Music Awards for his records and compositions. He is member of ILK, Copenhagen: ... more

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